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Gluten-Free Packet Mixes – Part 2

Hello, hello, hello! Continuing on from the previous post, I have been doing more testing of various cake mixes for the second request given to me by my friend. She asked for a gluten and lactose free cake to be served at her upcoming wedding, so that all the various attendees with allergies and intolerances could still… Continue reading Gluten-Free Packet Mixes – Part 2

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Gluten-Free Packet Mix Reviews, and Black Forest Cake (GF, Lactose Free)

*Photo credit to Robbie! Hello, hello, hello! I’ve come back to Canberra after being up at the coast, visiting my parents. And so I haven’t had a chance to cook something new to post about. In fact I’m taking full advantage of the fact that I have frozen pasta, pesto sauce, and two portions of… Continue reading Gluten-Free Packet Mix Reviews, and Black Forest Cake (GF, Lactose Free)

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Spinach and Basil Pesto Sauce (GF, DF – optional)

Hello, hello, hello! This is a slightly belated Fiesta Friday post, as I’ve been flat out since the weekend, preparing for work and such and preparing to go away for Easter! But it was a very productive weekend too. I used up all the groceries that needed using up before I went away, I put aside… Continue reading Spinach and Basil Pesto Sauce (GF, DF – optional)

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Polly’s Roast Chicken (GF, lactose free – optional)

Hello, hello, hello! Last weekend I decided to attempt roasting a chicken for the first time. Some more experienced home cooks out there might be scoffing, wondering what all the fuss is about. But I have never roasted a chicken before. In fact if I cook chicken in the oven it tends to be in… Continue reading Polly’s Roast Chicken (GF, lactose free – optional)

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Andrew’s Chicken Cacciatore (GF, DF)

Hello, hello, hello! I’m back! I’m finally back! I have internet and I’m back! I also hope to do a photo shoot of the new place quite soon. I’ve been keeping it nice and clean for that exact reason, and because I’m a bit of a clean freak. I’ve found that as the apartment is quite… Continue reading Andrew’s Chicken Cacciatore (GF, DF)


Nell has (almost) moved house, part II!

Hello, hello, hello, hello, a thousand hellos! Yes, that’s me! Wow! I have missed being on my blog! It’s been so long! But the road to being set up in this new apartment has been a long one, and it’s not even finished! Thanks to the brilliant Mr M I have furniture assembled and in place,… Continue reading Nell has (almost) moved house, part II!


Nell is Moving House!

Hello dear readers! I know it’s been a little while since I lasted posted a recipe. Forgive me! I am still online and loving reading all the posts that have popped up on my reader and under my followed tags. But I’m in the process of moving house for the first time! It’s meant my time… Continue reading Nell is Moving House!