A trip to the Central Coast

Hello, hello, hello!

It’s been awhile dear readers, but at last I am back! I was fortunate enough to be able to take some time off work and head to Long Jetty on the Central Coast to visit my parents, who I have been missing dearly since they moved. It honestly hasn’t been that long since mum came down to visit me, and only a couple of months since I last saw dad. But I am a huge sook. So it was wonderful to see them both again. And I had a wonderful time in Long Jetty.

I did lots of shopping on the first couple of days, mostly for work clothes and for sewing supplies. There are a few stores in Sydney and up in mum and dad’s town that aren’t here in Canberra, either due to having shut down quite awhile ago, or simply because they aren’t that common in general, and they have quite a few thrift stores too. I’m a huge fan of the Dangerfield Brands and anything by Hell Bunny, and some of my best work clothes are from those brands. But they’re very hard to come by here unless bought secondhand online. I was then able to do even more exploration in town than I had on my first visit, and I found a few gorgeous places I wanted to talk about!


The first is Two Birds Gallery Cafe, which we went to as it was quite close to Toowoon Bay which mum wanted to show me. It’s a small, friendly, and vibrant cafe which I definitely recommend. There are gluten-free options on their menu, and the staff were very welcoming and happy to chat and answer questions. There also seemed to be lots of works of art from local artists for sale, so it really added to the comfortable, visual appeal of the place.

Mum and I both loved our meals, hers served with sparkling water and mine with some cold ice tea from T2. I had a delicious breakfast with gluten-free toast, and mum had the corn fritters – in the entre size. I was thrilled to discover that my bacon had been cooked to be nice and crispy, exactly as I like it. It’s been challenging to get that at other cafes, but this was very tasty! It was quite filling too, but without being too much food for either of us!

Yum! Then from there we went down to Toowoon Bay. It was very windy and bright, so we didn’t stay for too long. But we did have a nice walk along the sand while mum pointed out all their favourite places. I loved Toowoon Bay because it was so beautiful, but there was also a good mix of things to do. There were rock pools, an ocean pool, areas with surf and sheltered areas where there was barely a wave! It’s definitely worth visiting.

The next day we had plans to meet a family friend for afternoon tea, so I decided that we should go back to another place mum had shown me and get some tasty cupcakes!


For obvious reasons, Cup Cakn Around really appeals to me. The store is small, but feels spacious and welcoming. There’s coffee and tea to be had, as well as a wide variety of cupcakes, and biscuits. You can sit down and enjoy some sweets with a drink, or take them away in cute boxes! The cupcakes are all quite fresh, and there is even a gluten-free vanilla cupcake that I happily bought two of! But while you’re sitting down to sample the cupcakes you can also admire the examples of Kathy’s submissions to various shows, and believe me – they are incredible. 

I think that Cup Cakn Around was quite probably my favourite store. And the cupcakes were very tasty indeed. But really I couldn’t stop looking at all of the amazing cake designs, which included wedding cakes! It was also fun to see that people were coming in to place orders for special event cakes, and to discover that Cup Cakn Around was also providing the specialised cupcakes for other stores to use in their events.

I’m sold on the community aspect of a town where businesses aid businesses, and where shop people will go next door to a restaurant to order their food – and the food will be hand delivered to them! I saw this happening with my own eyes! My dad has also now been to the produce swap, and had a lovely time meeting people and getting to experience that. So really it’s not hard to see that the community activities are there.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday. And I heartily recommend popping into Long Jetty if you’re passing that way. There are gorgeous beaches, plenty of places with gluten-free options, and several cute boutiques to check out!


3 thoughts on “A trip to the Central Coast

  1. Lovely post Nell I was only saying to my husband the other day that we should take the dogs for a day out to the Central Coast – I’ve lived in Sydney 10 years and haven’t really explored beyond Palm Beach – Shame on me!


    1. Haha! You should definitely pop on out there! I find it really easy to get to the nearest train stop to my parents from Sydney central station, and it’s certainly a whole lot faster than the bus trip from Canberra to Sydney. XD

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