Nell has (almost) moved house, part II!


Hello, hello, hello, hello, a thousand hellos! Yes, that’s me!

Wow! I have missed being on my blog! It’s been so long! But the road to being set up in this new apartment has been a long one, and it’s not even finished! Thanks to the brilliant Mr M I have furniture assembled and in place, which includes a bench – to account for there not being an actual bench in this apartment, a bed, a table and chairs, a sideboard for odds and ends, and a cupboard for even more odds and ends! I am still waiting on a couch and a floor lamp, and have booked the illustrious Mrs E (my bestie, I am unashamed to say), to come and do a photo shoot with me once all the furniture is in. It was she who took the lovely photo above, plus a few others!

So what have I been up to in this absence?


Well, I have more or less been doing nothing but going to work, doing chores, unpacking – putting things out and bringing things in. Coming to a small apartment has been something of a godsend in the sense that I’ve been forced to take stock of what I have and make decisions about what I don’t need to keep. It shocked me how much clothing I had. As a rule of thumb I put something out if I get something in, but due to cupboard constraints I was spread across multiple parts of the old house and wasn’t truly aware of what I had. Gathering it all in one (mercifully large and deep) wardrobe and a few storage boxes made me reconsider keeping a good third of it. So I didn’t. Off to charity it went!

I also went through baking supplies, grooming items, personal belongings and more. I was able to get rid of quite a few things in the end.

Mum and dad were generous in giving me all of the spices to take with me, as soon the two of them will be leaving for their new home – somewhere five hours from here. And they really didn’t need or want half of these groceries in the car with them. So I got some bottles of plonk, the spices, lots of tins of beans and various legumes, and more. Much to my disappointment most of the spices were well and truly expired, a sign that I had been too busy to do what I usually do which is pitch in and cook with whatever spice is about to expire so it doesn’t go to waste. But this still left me with a not too modest store of spices, all important for a person who is just moving!

I’ve been getting used to the new place, and the fact that the bathroom requires huge amounts of care. The fan is pitifully weak and there’s no bathroom window. Unless I open the doors to the balcony the apartment is all but air tight. The high EER is good for keeping the bills down, but not so good for keeping fresh air in and making sure mould doesn’t grow. So I have been vigilant on that front. I have also been loving the luxuriousness of a place that – although I have to vacuum more often, only takes about ten minutes to vacuum. And there are no stairs to negotiate.

I have managed to cook a bit, although not as much as I’d like. I can’t find the oven thermometers! But so far the things I’ve made have been put up on the blog already, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow when an old friend is coming over and we’re going to cook a nice big dish together.I hope to get photos and a recipe to share!

But today is a good day. Out of love for dear Mrs E, I roused at a sinfully early hour for me this morning to go and check out the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. Love of friends is often what gets me out doing new and fun things, and I always have fun with Mrs E – so there would be no way I would say no! Unfortunately poor weather meant the balloons couldn’t fly. But we wandered around, and I still got some great photos of the demonstrations of the fire used to inflate the balloons, of Mrs E, of the rose gardens nearby – and of myself (for once).


I had the fascinating time of messing with aperture and ISO in order to produce some good shots. It took a lot of work to find the right balance, even more so when the light was quite literally changing before our eyes with each passing minute. I loved the effect of shooting photos of the flames for the ballon demonstrations, as it made it seem like the only source of light in an otherwise pitch black night – illuminating the eager masses. When in reality, the light rapidly looked closer to this – as it did in the rose gardens.

_DSC0026Presenting the Romeo and Juliet spiders, as Mrs E put it. We saw several of these all around the rose garden, and closer towards the nearby lake too. But the spiders were shy and hid the moment we came too close. Still, the roses were beautiful in the morning light. My favourite were these pink ones, Mrs E’s were the rich burgundy pink that was tinged with orange. And there were a few beautiful ones around, although none in bloom.


And later today I’m off to see the Addams Family Musical at a (somewhat) local theatre! I’m very excited, as I love the songs but have never actually seen a production. So I’m looking forward to it!

So please accept my apologies for being so tardy in coming back to the blog. I’ve also only had the internet on my phone to contend with, which has been expensive, and hasn’t allowed me to visit other people’s blogs much as it drains my data incredibly fast. Unfortunately there is only one provider for this building and they felt no need to rush to connect me. But I am assured they will be here on Monday, and fingers crossed, so should my couch!

Love Nell!


12 thoughts on “Nell has (almost) moved house, part II!

  1. HI, Congrats on the new place! I love your photos and I look forward to seeing some of your food shots! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog and checking it out!


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