Nell is Moving House!

Hello dear readers! I know it’s been a little while since I lasted posted a recipe. Forgive me! I am still online and loving reading all the posts that have popped up on my reader and under my followed tags. But I’m in the process of moving house for the first time! It’s meant my time for other things outside of work, obligations with friends, and moving house is several limited and my belongings are scattered between two different locations. But I would like to do a piece about the moving experience thus far! As a few things have popped up that have given me food for thought.

Be warned, lots of text to follow!

Moving house is not cheap, even more so as a single person. If you’re moving for the first time and don’t own even half the things needed to furnish a house, well – that’s another expense. If time is on your side you can shop around specials and bargains, but for other people it’s not often possible. I’m so, so fortunate that mum and dad have been helping me with that exact task. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am. I’ve been hunting online for appliances and doing price comparisons, mum has hit the stores to see what ex-display items and the like are available, and I’ve investigated furniture with my best friend Emma. I’ve got some of the basic necessities now, and we’ve been delighted at the specials we’ve been able to get.

The reason I have to be so specific about what I get is that I’m now renting a minuscule apartment. It’s gorgeous now it’s been cleaned it up. It’s a brand new building, so the apartment was still full of builder’s dust and grime. I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t cleaned before I got there, but that’s fine. The biggest issue with the laundry sink not having the plumbing set up at all has now been fixed! But the focus for me in this small apartment is on finding space and storage. I love to entertain and I have big plans for entertaining a lot now I have a space that belongs to me alone. So making sure to get things to sit on has been important. So has been finding methods for improving the space for practical living. The bench space in this apartment is non-existent, to be honest. So I’ve picked out a kitchen island to give me some actual bench to work with, and to provide even more storage. I’ve planned to attach a foldable stepladder to one side of the bench and a towel rail to the other so that I can have a hand towel in the kitchen, as the cabinets don’t have handles for me to slot one through. Even the bed I’ve picked out has clever storage solutions!

I’m super excited to see it all come together! It had never occurred to me how hard it is to set up a space and furnish it so that it gives me a sense of home, of it being mine. I’ve been fortunate that so far doing all of this has been within budget. But the crowning achievement thus far for me, apart from getting a great washing machine that’s small enough to fit into the built-in laundry, has been filling the kitchen cupboards for a pittance. It shocked me that something as simple as a regular bowl could be sold for fifteen dollars or more in most regular stores all because it might have a brand name attached to it. Even at the discount shops the bowls and plates were still too pricey for my liking. Likewise for things like knives and forks! Well, that was no obstacle for me. I am an op-shop addict and mum has the magical power of finding matching sets of things in amongst the chaos.

We had a fantastic adventure last weekend hitting the op shops. We went to six different op shops in the end and I can’t believe what good luck we had! We found dinnerware. We found mugs. We found flatware and glassware! But I also kept stumbling across fantastic costume pieces! As readers might not know – I am a huge fan of costuming. I love getting dressed up for parties or events. I’ve also been able to use almost all of the costume pieces for regular wear so I get extra value out of them too. Although dad told me one of the top and vest combos I like to wear to dance in winter makes me look like I’m auditioning for Fleetwood Mac!

So be rest assured, dear readers, that I am still here! And as soon as I’m set up in the new kitchen I will resume posting!


23 thoughts on “Nell is Moving House!

  1. Non need to apologize, when you move in a new house there is a lot of work to do and less time for internet 🙂 it’s always exciting such a big step, congrats! 🙂 for sure you are waiting to use the new kitchen 🙂


  2. Great post! Good luck in your new place! ❤ thank you for your lovely comment on my carrot cake! Unfortunately it got trashed by mistake, I’m really sorry! Please do comment again if you want to. Xxx


  3. I don’t think I can live in a tiny apartment. I need a basement or something or a lot of hidden storage. Haha. But I am very excited to know about the new place. Will you show us some photos? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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