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Salotto Bar – Kingston


Hello, hello, hello!

I have had the chance to go out for a lovely evening out with Mum a little while ago, and we decided to go and try the Italian Cards Night at Salotto Bar in Kingston. I used to study Italian at university, although I am now copletely out of practice, so it piqued my interest.

It also sounded like something fun to do. I had previously been to Salotto bar after doing a fun hen’s night for Emma, dancing our socks off at Salsa – also in Kingston. They happily made us lovely alcoholic drinks, and lovely mocktails. But this would be the first time I would get to sit in and eat there.

You see with the cards you also get a nice big antipasto platter!


And when I say big, I mean big. There’s enough on the platter for three people I would say, and the range is fantastic. Meats, cheese, fritters, vegetables, etc. It also comes with a generous bread basket. We forgot to ask when we first sat down whether we could get gluten free bread or not, we were distracted taking in the lovely layout.

But coincidentally we had two people showing us how to play the card game, Briscola, and one of them – we believe, was the business owner. He immediately suggested using their gluten-free pizza dough to make the bread when the waiter said there was no gluten-free option. In this process I also learned that they do have gluten-free pizza dough!


I had a lovely citrus flavoured mocktail while mum had a glass of sparkling wine, and we got stuck into the food. The bread came with a delicious tomato salsa, and olive oil and what we think was balsamic vinegar for dipping. The tomato mix was delicious.

The vegetables on the antipasto platter were delicious, and the meat especially so. I know because I cheekily stole as much as I could while mum was sampling the cheese. Even the artichoke was lovely, and there’s something I never thought I would say. I was stunned at the sheer size of it. I’ve never seen an antipasto platter be such a generous size before. It was definitely worth it. Mum loved the olives, and I have to admit they were quite mild and pleasant.


Briscola was absolutely lovely and not too hard to learn. I would have stayed with Mum to play more rounds, but after we had dessert I was starting to get sleepy after being so full. So we headed home. All in all I was incredibly impressed at their range, the food, the fun, and the fact that for once – I visited an Italian inspired/themed place and they had more than panna cotta as their gluten free dessert. In fact Salotta bar had three, including a crumble!! I was extremely pleased with the service, and the range of foods available to me! I would absolutely recommend them and can’t wait to go back for more Briscola!

Salotto Bar and Kitchen

25 Kennedy Street, Kingston ACT 2604

P: 02 6295 1813


Tuesday– Saturday: 9AM – LATE


2 thoughts on “Salotto Bar – Kingston

  1. Briscola!?!?! It’s been ages since I’ve played. How nice of the owner to teach you to play. And how great is that tray of antipasti? I think you’ve got a gem of a place there.


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