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Tongue and Groove and Koko Black

For this Fiesta Friday I did something a little different, I met up with some work colleagues – and one of their cousin’s, and we went out for a very late dinner. It was off to a rocky start at first because we had been unable to get a booking at the original restaurant we wanted to eat at, and then we had to do some roaming in the cold night air looking for a place that would sit five. In the end we hit upon a place called Tongue and Groove, which was quite nice. Sandra and her cousin didn’t mind doing a little modelling for me, as seen below. You should all definitely visit Sandra’s modelling site, she’s just stunning!


The service was not so bad, and the prices reasonable. Unfortunately there were extremely limited gluten free options, especially as I could see Tongue and Groove was more set up to be a bar.


So I had to make do with something that would be less upsetting for the ole stomach than a lot of the other options. However, I was impressed that the chips were gluten free, as it’s normally the one thing on a menu that no one can ever do gluten free! The food also came quite quickly, and for the mains the portion sizes were quite generous. I had some of the twice cooked pork belly, which while not being gluten free was in fact dairy free, and I also ordered some chips.


My lovely colleague Trixie Bombshell, ordered the nachos.


I didn’t get a chance to see what the others ordered, or how it was plated up, because we were all too hungry to wait! But come the end of the meal we were all quite full, and only just in the mood for dessert.


We went along to another cafe called Koko Black, which is famous for it’s chocolate obsession and all the chocolates it sells inside the cafe as well. I have never been inside there, so it was all new to me and quite stunning. And after a short wait outside we were able to squeeze into a table inside in the warmth and place our orders.


What I loved was the detail about allergens in their menu, they had markings to note what did or didn’t have alcohol, nuts, gluten, etc. I ordered a Caramel Delice, which was free of nuts, gluten and alcohol, whereas Trixie ordered the Belgian chocolate mousse, Skye ordered the vanilla bean ice cream with caramel sauce, Sandra ordered a hot chocolate affogato and her cousin ordered a cappuccino as she was so full to bursting she couldn’t cope with much more.


It was a night of firsts! Sandra often gets hot chocolate with ice cream on the side, and this was the first time she had ever heard about hot chocolate affogatto.


So we was thrilled. I loved mine, but it was so rich that I couldn’t make it through the whole dish. Trixie’s was gorgeous and had that rich, bitter taste of dark chocolate that just makes the dish, and Skye’s vanilla bean ice cream was divine.


I had hoped to get some dark chocolate to take home at the end of the meal, but after having gorged so outrageously on such divine sweets I couldn’t even bear to look at their large selection of dark chocolates let alone consider purchasing some to take home!


I then came home, collapsed, and had a very decent sleep! Happy FF!


Tongue and Groove

Corner of Genge and Bunda street, Civic.

ACT, 2601


Phone: (02) 6230 4455

Koko Black

Shop FG02, Canberra Centre, Bunda St

ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6230 4040

6 thoughts on “Tongue and Groove and Koko Black

  1. wow that dessert place looks absolutely divine, I could do with a visit there right now!!
    Particularly for the hot chocolate affogato! Yum! It’s a shame you didn’t get any chocolates to bring home, I guess that just means you’ll need to go again!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Fiesta Friday!


  2. Nell, are you the one with eyeglasses? 😀
    Glad to know that you had fun. Inlove eveything you ordered- they all look delish! 🙂 Happy FF and thanks for sharing your experience. x


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