Cafe Okrich

I am delighted that a somewhat gluten-free cafe has opened up near to where Pete lives, as it makes a convenient and wonderful place for the odd weekend breakfast when I sleep over. This cafe is quite lovely, and although it’s not large I prefer it like that. It gives it a more local feel, less commercial. But what I also like is the blend of traditional cafe food, and Sri Lankan cuisine. People might find this a little funny, but I am a huge fan of curries and the like. So of course my favourite thing to order from the menu, whether it be for breakfast or for lunch, is one of their curries. The curries can be chicken or beef, etc, and come with rice. I have had both their regular rice, which is quite nice, and their fried rice, which I like even more. The fried rice comes with mushrooms through it, yum!


I generally have a hard time finishing the curry because it’s the perfect big portion size for me. But on this particular morning I was determined to get through it and have room for a sweet treat afterwards! That was because I had the good camera on me, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase one of my favourite cafes.


One of my favourite drinks is their green smoothie. It’s refreshing in the morning. But they also have a wide range of smoothies and drinks, including the usual cafe spread of coffees and teas.


Pete tends to stick to chicken sandwiches when we go to cafes. But on this particular morning he decided to go for the chicken roti. It was nice, he said, but not as nice as his usual chicken sandwich. But it did smell delicious, and much to my delight Cafe Okrich can also do gluten-free sandwiches as they also stock gluten free bread!


Last but not least was this sweet little orange and almond cake, gluten-free of course, and not drowning in sugar syrup like the usual cakes are. I loved it! It was sweet, but not too sweet, and quite filling. It was the perfect way to polish off a lovely breakfast!

Cafe Okrich

64 Hardwick Crescent in Kippax, Holt, 2615

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