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Tosolini’s – a second review

Now that I have been to Tosolini’s a second time, and had a chance to examine a few other dishes, I have decided to do another review. We organised this dinner out as a chance for some girls from work and I to get together and have a christmas dinner and have fun. We even decided to do a secret santa thing as part of the dinner despite the fact that there were so few of us going.

Well, it was bedlam. Christmas shopping, on a late night shopping night, meant all of us had a heck of a time attempting to even find parking. But once we got into the restaurant and sat down we all were able to chat and get going. Sandra was running a little late because of a hair appointment, but that didn’t at all put a dampener on things!


I ordered the penne amatriciana – with gluten-free penne, and an orange juice. The small was $18. The gorgeous Trixie-Bombshell, please visit her page, also ordered the same but without the gluten-free pasta and without the chilli. I admit going without the chilli might be a good idea next time. It was so very delicious, but at the same time so incredibly spicy! But as this progress shot shows I still had no trouble getting through it!


What did disappoint me was that the pumpkin ravioli in sage and burnt butter, which another colleague ordered in the large size, was not at all impressive. The large size which cost $28 was anything but large, and while I understand handmade food items tend to cost more, I still don’t think that large was worth the price paid for it. Our smalls were at least two and bit times the size of the large ravioli and our poor colleague was left hungry, until she finished off what the lovely Sandra ordered later. So I will remember for next time to be more specific when I ask how large is the large, so that no one else that comes with me to Tosolini’s faces the same problems.


Sandra ordered what looked to be spaghetti carbonara, off of another menu, as seen above. But although her dish was lovely and light, it was a bit big for her to finish. So luckily one of us was still hungry and able to chow down on that so it didn’t go to waste.


Trixie-Bombshell and I also ordered off the dessert menu, and chose a panna cotta with salted caramel sauce and honeycomb as our dessert, as seen with said lovely model above. It was absolutely delicious. The honeycomb was quite fresh and crunchy, and the salted caramel sauce paired beautifully with the vanilla panna cotta. However, having now had two panna cotta at this restaurant with two difference sauces I have to admit I still like fruit sauces with panna cotta more. Although the salted caramel sauce was absolutely delicious, and altogether it cost $14, not bad when split between two people.

Our secret santa was also a rip-roaring success and I am hugely grateful to Sandra for organising us all and making the booking! Thanks Sandra! I had an amazing time out, and I can’t wait to go out with all those lovely ladies again!


“”Tosolini’s Restaurant is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all day dinning. It is located on the corner of London Circuit and East Row in Civic and is fully licensed with BYO bottled wine only.

For Telephone enquiries or bookings please call 02 6247 4317″


4 thoughts on “Tosolini’s – a second review

  1. Great review – looks like there were some winners and some not so much which is probably the usual for restaurants. Love the pictures and that dessert looked out of this world. Happy Holidays to you!


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