Fiesta Friday Flavour Poll

I have ended up having a relapse of this bug, and being stuck home from work again this week. Unfortunately that also means no Fiesta Friday contribution, as I’m not well enough to be up and doing for that. Instead I thought I might give a poll a go, as  haven’t done a poll on this blog before. I’m curious about what flavours people like in their sweet treats, be they baked, frozen, or otherwise. You can pick multiple options, and I think I made it so you can also add others. But if not please leave a comment with your other favourites, or let me know what multiple flavours you would like to combine!

UPDATE: I seem to be having trouble with “liking” posts at the moment. A weird glitch keeps happening where I like a post, but then the next time I view it my like has vanished. Sometimes I even see the like button toggling straight back to not liked, right after I click like. So if I don’t seem to be visiting much, please don’t be alarmed. I am attempting to keep up with all the wonderful bloggers out there, but this glitch can be very time consuming as it takes multiple tricks before I can get a like to stick to some posts.


22 thoughts on “Fiesta Friday Flavour Poll

  1. Voted for my faves too 🙂 I couldn’t find butterscotch, one of my favorites.
    Regarding the ‘Likes’ problem, even I faced it a couple of times. That was only when I tried to like on the Reader, but I was able to like when I entered the post . It got rectified on its own.
    Take Care and Get well soon 🙂


  2. This is a great list! I’d forgotten how much I like chai spiced desserts (the cafe I used to work at had a great chai cheesecake). Guess what I’m going to be making soon? Thanks for the idea!


  3. Thanks for liking posts on my blog 🙂 I love this little poll idea and how interesting to see the results. I think I’d almost certainly have picked vanilla as my absolute favourite, but there was no avoiding all types of chocolate too!
    Hope you feel better soon.


  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Nell. 🙂 It’s no fun being under the weather, but I like that you’re still thinking about sweets! I don’t know about you, but a little something sweet always makes me feel a little better!


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