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Tossolini’s – A Review

Mr. P had the brilliant idea to organise an evening out for us and a couple of friends the other night. We decided on Tossolini’s as the venue after examining a few possible options. It’s an italian restaurant in the city centre, and one that I had heard good things about and that I had also been in told had a good range of gluten free meals available.

On arriving I found the decor was lovely and warm and the staff were on the ball. I was greeted immediately at the door and shown to our table. I was there quite a bit earlier than the others as I’d been in a nearby suburb for a haircut after work. So I had time to sit and peruse the menu as I waited for the others. The waitress who had seated me was also happy to confirm details about gluten free entrees and informed me she could also do some of the breads gluten free too! She then gave me time to keep having a look at the various options for dinner. While that was happening I caught the attention of another waiter, purely by accident, who immediately came over to ask what I wanted to drink! On a whole the service was very positive, although the food did take slightly longer to get to us than expected, given that the place was only about half to three quarters full. Still, as I soon discovered, the wait was worth it.

The bread did turn out to be quite nice! We got the “selection” of breads, a piece of which was made gluten free for me on request. And the Mr. P was the only one to order an entree, as I was saving my stomach for the main affair, and I already knew one of my other friends had plans to order to extra side dishes. Mr. P got the arancini, something I’ve gotten him hooked on since we went out for a birthday dinner at another italian restaurant. He let me have a few bites even though it was naughty of me. They were amazing! Their flavour was robust, but not overwhelming, and their texture was delish. As was the wine he bought. YUM! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a good snap of those, but I’m sure you can understand why!


We each ordered our own mains, as none of us really knew what sizes to expect and some of us were every hungry indeed. I have to admit you might think the prices of these were a bit on the expensive side for most of the things on the menu. But they were worth it! I absolutely loved my dinner, a dish of pan-fried chicken with creamy mushroom sauce and mash potato. It did look on the small side, but that was a trick. It was very filling, and the creamy mushroom sauce was perfect. I thought it was absolutely delicious, and the chicken breast wasn’t at all too dry, as it can sometimes be. Mr. P also had a chicken risotto and it was goooood. I noticed right from the start what a nice smell it had, and then what a nice taste! Again, you can understand why I didn’t get a snap of that! The others all got pasta of some sort, and I was impressed by the variety. The waitress had told me that I could get gluten free penne pasta, but I’ve had bad experiences in swapping out pastas for the gluten free option before, and truth be told I was really looking forward to the mash potato, so sticking with the chicken was all right by me!

For dessert, despite the fact that I was full to bursting, I ordered the panna cotta. It was soft, creamy and delicious! The shortbread biscuits were given away of course, but wow, was it good! It looks much smaller in this photo than it actually was. One of my other friends there helped me eat it, and believe me, it was enough for the two of us after our dinner. The strawberry sauce wasn’t at all too sweet, and the panna cotta had an amazing, creamy flavour and super smooth texture!


Overall I had a very positive experience at Tossolini’s. The service and food were good, and I didn’t mind the wait for food or the price because the quality of what I got was so high, and I went to bed with a full tum! It was a great night out!

Cnr London Crt & East Row, Canberra ACT 2601

(02) 6247 4317


12 thoughts on “Tossolini’s – A Review

  1. Great review. We haven’t been there for years, so things have obviously picked up. We were always Gus’ people more than tossers. (To outsiders: Gus’ was a controversial cafe on the other side of Canberra’s tiny CBD; some people love the place, others hate it. I find it pricey but enjoy the food.)


    1. Oho! A fellow civic goer! And it was a very nice night out! 🙂 But I’m curious about Gus’. I’ve heard good things about it, but it’s always so packed, and I don’t know what they’re like for people with allergies. What’s your experience with them and their menu? 😀


      1. I did a big reply then lost it. 😦

        Gus’ was great – great food, great service and always enough. People who knew what was on and in their menu (great for allergies). People who were happy to be there to serve breakfast, lunch at 3pm, or dinner at strange hours. People who wanted to let you pay quickly if you were in a rush. People who smiled at you.

        We switched from tossers to Gus’ and never went back, but it was a while ago. A lot of our old haunts have closed over the years.


      2. Neat! That’s good to know. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂 And I know what you mean. 😦 But I am liking the fact that this new work of mine means I can afford to try a few new places! 🙂


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