Awards, Awards, Awards!


I can’t even begin to put into words how wonderful it was to receive so many nominations from so many lovely bloggers! I couldn’t believe the kindness of Sarah, from Sarah’s Kitchen, Lori, from Creating Beauty in the Kitchen, who nominated me for the wonderful team member readership award, and Jhuls, from the Not So Creative Cook who nominated me for the Quintet of Radiance Award! I have received a plethora of award nominations from a host of great people, but due to time constraints these are the ones I’ll be focusing on. However, I am extremely grateful to all the amazing people who have stopped by and left me with some very thoughtful nominations. You have all made my day!


Because I am also a big cheat, I’ll be passing on the nomination for the Quintet of Radiance Award and the wonderful team member readership award in the one post, and my nominees can then decide which they’d like to take up! I was intrigued at how Jhuls answered the nomination for the Quintet of Radiance award, and decided to follow suit. So, here goes!

The rules:

  1. Display the logo(s) in a post.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  3. Using the letters of the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phrase. Or even write something relevant to yourself.
  4. Nominate a couple of bloggers.

So here’s my A-Z.

A – Apples, one of my favourite snacks, and something I always used to eat when I was unwell.


C – Cooking, of course! But also cuddling.

D – Dancing. I love to dance.

E – Eating, pretty self-explanatory – huh?

F – Food, from all over the world.

G – Grass, and that delicious feeling of walking on it barefoot.

H – Handstands, something I wish I could still do!

I – Ice, ice-cream and ice-cold drinks in summer

J – Jokes. I love a good joke.

K – Kisses, the chocolate kind and the not chocolate kind…

L – Love, because there’s so much that I do love in my life.

M – Mum, my role model.

N – Never let successes go to your head, or failures get to your heart.

O – Open. be open to others, and you’ll find they open up to you too.

P – Paint! I like generic painting, e.g. fence-painting

Q – Quizzes! I like doing them with friends

R – Random, sometimes the most fun activities are ones started on the spur of the moment.

S – Smile, because sometimes my friends make me smile so much my cheeks hurt!

T – Touch. There are so many interesting textures in the world, all worth investigating.

U – Understanding, it’s the key to getting along with others.

V – Vows, never make a promise you don’t intend to keep.

W – Water, it is ridiculously fun to be in the water. Although the ocean, at times, kind of intimidates me.

X – Xantham gum, an ingredient which I have an off and on relationship with.

Y – Young. You are as young as you feel!

Z – Zaniness. Being serious is all well and good, but remember, a little bit of cheekiness and craziness is good too!

And my nominees are:

Sinfully Tempting

Fanny the Foodie

Sprinkles and Sugarplums

One Equals Two

The Thoughtful Plate


My Tiny Way

Beer and Baking


28 thoughts on “Awards, Awards, Awards!

  1. This is fantastic, Nell, you have more than earned it. Congrats! And thank you SO much for nominating me! 🙂


  2. Congrats Nell!! So excited for you!!! Loved reading your answers…is there a particular type of dancing you like to do? I am with you…I love quizzes!


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