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Elk and Pea – Review Corner

This Fiesta Friday I’m taking a moment to do something I haven’t done in quite a while, a restaurant review of a central american inspired eat house called Elk and Pea! I had the pleasure of going out to this restaurant for dinner last night with my beloved Mr. P. It was an absolutely wonderful experience! For one thing, the interior design of Elk and Pea is lovely, and they have lots of framed images, fake peacocks, and plastic elk heads which are in keeping with their name. But it’s not at all tacky. In fact, we had fun trying to spot all the peacocks. But what I really liked about Elk and Pea was the sheer variety of gluten-free options on their dinner menu! For the purpose of this review I’ll be focusing on the dinner menu, as that’s all we had the chance to sample. But believe me, I’d love to try the rest of their menu too! Oh, and I apologise for the poor qualities of my photos. I was using my phone.

So, the Elk and Pea dinner menu is set up beautifully. It’s divided into the categories: Nibbles, Tacos, Street Food, Salads, Meals to Share, Sweet O’ Clock and Dessert Wine. The prices are listed beside each item, if their prices vary, or printed next to the main title if everything is the same price, and whether something is gluten-free, vegetarian, or gluten-free on request (or none of the above), is indicated in little letters beside each item. Let me tell you, there is an abundance of delicious gluten-free goods on their menu! Not to mention our waitress also explained the menu to us right away, telling us that some things are good to share, and others not so much, and she even made some wonderful recommendations! That’s what I call service!


For our starter we ordered two pieces of the Ceviche Tosata ($6 per piece, g/f) from the Street Food section of the menu. The Ceviche Tostata is delicious lime-cured kingfish pieces, on top of corn crisps with avocado and sour cream.Now, I’m not even a big fish fan, but I thought this was a super pleasant starter. The texture was a little odd, as I’m only used to eating flaky types of fish, but it was still nice. We also discovered that this was a starter best eaten all together. It’s a bit much to fit in, but within a few bites you can polish it off, and it’s much nicer tasting all together than deconstructed. Also, in the background of that shot you can see Mr. P’s apple cider, which was delicious, and my citrus mocktail!


For our main meal we decided to get the Chipotle Braised Goat ($35, g/f). The Chipotle Braised Goat was incredibly tender and soft, braised goat on a bed of soft maize – which also had a pleasant cheesy taste, with a side of pickled cabbage. I tell you, I wasn’t sure what to expect – given the price, but when the goat came out I was gobsmacked. It was more than enough for Mr. P and I, and I have never had softer or juicier goat! But again, this was a dish I found better when you combined all the parts and ate them at once, the meat, the maize and the cabbage. YUM! It wasn’t too spicy at all, just pleasantly warm.


And then, of course, we had to try dessert and we went straight to the Sweet O’Clock section of the menu. Mr. P ordered the Semifreddo ($15, g/f), which was a chocolate and tonka bean semifreddo, with – what Mr. P tells me, is properly made peach chutney. I’m not that experienced with certain foods, so I kind of cheat at times and get Mr. P, who’s actually worked in the food industry, to share his knowledge with me. I’m lucky to have a partner who cares for food as much as I do! And his semifreddo was absolutely delicious, and their chutney was top-notch. It was very rich too, but at no point did he feel that it was overpowering. It was so soft and fluffy too. I ordered the Dulce de Leche ($15, g/f), which was an orange-infused creme caramel. Oh. My. God. It was incredible. I’d never had a smoother, more dense creme caramel before. It did leave a bit of a strange film in my mouth afterwards, but it was so very worth it. It’s probably the best creme caramel I have ever eaten!


So, overall, I have quite a lot of good things to say about Elk and Pea. It’s a wonderful restaurant in terms of appearances, the service was great – if a little on the slow side, and the food was downright incredible. I wish I had known there was such a nice gluten-free inclined place before! Not to mention that Elk and Pea also does a lot of vegetarian food too. I would recommend this restaurant to my friends, and in fact – already have. And although it’s a little bit on the pricey side, you do actually get the quality of food that you’re paying for. Yum!

Elk and Pea

21 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT, 2612

PH: (02) 6162 0222


Mon-Fri Breakfast: 8am-11-30 am

Mon-Fri Lunch: 12pm-3pm


Tue-Sun Dinner: 6pm-10pm

24 thoughts on “Elk and Pea – Review Corner

  1. Hi Nell – I am hosting Angie’s Fiesta Friday with Jhuls – welcome and thanks so much for posting this review! I was so curious to see inside Elk and Pea that I googled them – what a eclectic setting! And the menu – I love that the breakfast drinks menu is headed “Hair of the Elk”! I think that you and Mr P made excellent menu choices – I love the look of the ceviche tosatas and the dulce du leche caramel has my name written all over it! I hope you are getting the chance to meet the other revellers and make some new friends!! Happy Fiesta!!


    1. 😀 Hi there to you too! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by! 😀 And I’m super glad you checked them out, they’re a great eat house, and it’s like you say, they have a fantastic setting! I’m thoroughly enjoying the fiesta friday events, and I love getting to see what other blogs are up to. 😀 Keep up the good work you guys, I really appreciate all the people who have worked to make this event so fun!


  2. I have never had braised goat, but it looks and sounds wonderful with the cheesy polenta and pickled cabbage – I loved reading your restaurant review, Nell, and I’m inspired to buy some goat next time I go to Brixton Market where it’s sold!
    Emma 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing this review, Nell. 🙂 The creme caramel looks so divine and I wanna take a bite right now! Overall, your meal is absolutely worth sharing for. Hope you’re having fun at FF15. 😉


  4. Somebody somewhere needs to write a song with the phrase “Sweet O’Clock” and I shall happily sing along! 🙂 Your meal looks scrumptious, Nell. You guys really went to town! That creme caramel is calling my name. YUM. Thanks so much for sharing! 😉


    1. Thank you! 😀 I would happily sing along to that too! 😀 And thank you! At the end of the night I was SO full I was almost having trouble moving around. But it was well worth it, and that creme caramel was sinfully good. 😀


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