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Sweet chai Madeleines

This new oven has just been fantastic. It cooks muffins beautifully, it cooks biscuits biscuits beautifully, and it cooks madeleines beautifully too! Madeleines are a neat little treat; beautiful little shell-shaped sponge cakes that can come in all sorts of flavours from sweet to savoury. I had them on the brain when deciding what to cook after the flourless chocolate cake, as I have two old madeleine tins that were begging to be used. And in trawling through foodgawker I stumbled across a link to a recipe made by a fellow wordpress blogger for gluten-free, sweet chai madeleines! Needless to say I was eager to give the recipe a go, and I have no regrets. After ten minutes of baking I had fresh hot madeleines and a kitchen that smelt like it was filled with brewing chai tea. Yum! But rather than re-writing the recipe here, I’ve decided to reblog the original post instead. The Krooked Spoon has some amazing gluten-free recipes, including these madeleines, and they’re all very worth checking out!

The Krooked Spoon

These tasty little treats are the perfect Monday Bake and eat… They literally take 5minutes to prepare and take 14minutes to cook. The result is a light warm buttery mouthful to match that well earned cup of tea. The addition of the pepper to the spices adds a wonderful heat that complements the sweet spice mix.

Madeleines are classically baked in special madeleine trays (which can be purchased from any good department store or baking supplier) mine is a silicone tray which makes turning out almost fool proof. If you don’t have a Madeleine tray you can always use a rounded bottom patty pan or even a muffin tin (you may just have to trial for cooking time). Oh I should also note that the Madeleine trays do come in different sizes so if you get the petite moulds expect to halve the cooking time.

It’s tempting to fill the…

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