Fiesta Friday

Fiesta Friday!


I’m very flattered to be invited to the Fiesta Friday party, by the Novice Gardener. Although it’s valentine’s day today, some recent events have made me more inclined to post up this beautiful quote, rather than something valentine’s related. We’ve had our stresses with a certain friend causing us trouble, and costing us money we simply don’t have. But at the same time, it’s allowed us to bond together as a family, and it’s taught a certain member of our family to be more careful for the next time something like this happens.

I myself am in the middle of a full-scale hunt for full-time work. But due to a lot of different economic and social factors, it’s becoming a struggle for graduates like myself to find decent full-time work, or work at all, (especially in degree related areas, which is just salt rubbed into the wound). I’m also limited in what work I can physically do, due to musculoskeletal problems. But I’m not giving up hope. I’m working at it, making tons of applications and putting myself out there.  And, to be honest, changing my wardrobe for work, and getting ready for the next stage of my life, is really very fun.

So that’s my message for this fiesta friday, do not give up. Because the troubles will ease, and the stress will pass. You’ve got just to hold on, and remember to stop and breathe, and to take pleasure in the little things in life. Like requests for buttermilk pancakes…


32 thoughts on “Fiesta Friday!

  1. Nell, that is so beautiful and inspiring! I need to frame that quote and put it on my desk. You have the right attitude and with that I have no doubt you’ll go far. Thank you for sharing this with Fiesta Friday. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! XOXO


    1. :3 Thank you! This quote really gave me a lift when I needed it, so I really wanted to share it on here. Fiesta friday is so great for sharing things like this, thanks again for inviting me, and have a wonderful valentine’s day too. :3 xoxoxo


      1. :3 Thank you for letting me know where to post my links. :3 I’ll definitely put mine up, and investigate everyone else’s posts as well. I had a lot of fun reading through posts from other people by going through the older link collections. I love how there’s a real mix of different posts. :3

        EDIT: I just checked up on the time, and I’ll be in bed for the night come 8am EST. But I’ll post my link up when I get up in the morning. :3


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