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Sweet Potato Fries


Simple is my theme at the moment, as my spare time isn’t really that big. But I was inspired by the possibility of making another tasty treat, home baked, which would be straightforward and not create a lot of washing up. I decided to go for a side-dish, one which has really taken over in the recent years, which is sweet potato fries. As a little girl sweet potato fries weren’t exactly well known to me, and I can actually remember seeing them in my local supermarket for the first time and going – wait, what? Sweet potato had always been like pumpkin to me, a dreaded orange vegetable that wasn’t as nice when baked as regular potato, but worked amazingly well in soups and stews. Although I was hardly enthusiastic about them after my first taste test, as the crinkle cut made them a little soggy, and the texture was odd. I’ve recently started liking them more, particularly when I thought of all the different flavours I could do if I were to cook them from scratch. So I picked up one potato, and trust me – all you need is one large sweet potato, and chopped it up. I had trouble making all of mine even because I unfortunately cut mine a bit wonky, but I still had a whole tray of perfectly sized chips, which cooked up a treat in the oven. It took me less than fifteen minutes to chop them up, cover them and put them into the oven, and it only took less than forty minutes to cook them, not including taking them out and turning them over. Not too shabby, says I.

Sweet Potato Fries

Serves: 4 small/medium serves, Prep: 10-15 mins, Cook: approx 30-35 mins


  • 1 large sweet potato
  • Olive oil
  • A combination of salt and black pepper, or seasoning and spices to taste (I used a generous sprinkle of Mexican spice)


  1. Preheat your oven to 160C, fan-forced, and line 2-3 baking trays with foil.
  2. Meanwhile, chop your sweet potato either into large thirds, or halves, and then chop off the skin.
  3. Place the flat side of these pieces down, then chop these pieces into thirds again, and then cut out long strips about the width of your finger.
  4. If your chips at this stage are too thick, i.e. thicker than your finger, chop them in half (like a hotdog bun) to create two thinner, but the same length, chips.
  5. Put them into a plastic bag with a generous splash of olive oil, enough to coat them as well as the seasoning of your choice. Allow some air in the bag, then hold the top shut and shake the chips all around to get them coated.
  6. Place the chips onto the trays, but make sure they’re not over-crowded and touching, as this will make them soggy.
  7. Place these trays into the oven and bake for fifteen minutes, then flip all of the chips over and bake for another fifteen minutes. If you have a slow oven, you might have to bake them longer, or vice versa for a more powerful oven, but make sure to watch that the chips don’t burn.
  8. Serve,  (these taste great with tomato sauce.)

Nutritional Information

Not available due to non-specific ingredient portions


8 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Fries

  1. I love baked sweet potato fries. I just bought some sweet potato this morning. If I have extra after making a dish today or tomorrow, then I can make some of these fries! 🙂


  2. Delicious and healthy snack. So was mexican spice cumin and other spices? If available in the market near you you should try the Japanese sweet potatoes as they are perfect for crunchy fries and a little more firmer.


    1. :3 ^_^ Thanks! And yes, mexican spices contain cumin, some paprika I think, and a long list of other spices. ^_^ I’ll definitely look for the japanese sweet potatoes now, because you’ve made me curious to try them! :3


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