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Strawberry Fool/Strawberry Parfait


EDIT: I have since revised my recipe for dairy free whipped cream, which has led me to revise my recipe for a Strawberry Fool/Parfait. I haven’t had a chance to take new photos yet and have sadly run out of strawberry liqueur to make more with. But I am hoping that sooner rather than later I will be able to remedy that. In the meantime I also want to post some tips and some suggestions in addition to this recipe as it has been made by another lovely lady on Best Home Chef, who has told me it works brilliantly with a little vanilla and Malibu rather than with strawberry liqueur. I also forgot to mention in my original recipe that if strawberries aren’t your fruit of choice or aren’t available at your supermarket or in your garden then raspberries will work just as well. In fact raspberries soaked in strawberry or raspberry liqueur are quite flavoursome, and the traditional fruit for a fruit fool is raspberry anyway I think.

I might also experiment in the future with other types of fruit and other types of liquor. At the moment plums and brandy seem like a possibility. But I do have a tendency to get side tracked by other cooking projects. It’s also my intention to make some faux ice-cream treats with coconut milk/cream and a few ice block moulds. But that will also remain to be seen. I might get too side tracked by another project or get swept up in exam preparation. In fact revising these recipes and working on fresh ones are what I’m using as my reward for hours of study. It really does pay off. But I’m lucky in that I really do love what I study and that also helps.


Strawberry Fool/Strawberry Parfait

Serves: 3-4 small serves, Prep: 15-20 mins


  • One punnet of strawberries.
  • 1 tbsp strawberry liqueur (or cherry, or malibu, etc)
  • Dairy-free whipped cream.
  • Optional: add other preferred flavours, such as vanilla, or even liquid sweeteners if you like.

Method For Strawberry Fool

  • Dice the strawberries and place them in a bowl with the liqueur and toss to coat. Reserve a tablespoon or two. Soak for up to five minutes and then puree them.
  • In another bowl pour the puree and dairy-free whipped cream together. Combine  enough that the puree is streaked heavily through the cream but not completely mixed in.
  • Spoon into glasses and serve, topped with the reserved strawberries.

Method For Strawberry Parfait

  • Dice the strawberries and place them in a bowl with the liqueur and toss to coat. Soak for up to five minutes.
  • Create layers of diced strawberries, topping each with a layer of cream, in glasses. Reserve a tablespoon or two of the diced strawberries.
  • Make sure to keep the top layer as cream so that you can decorate them with the reserved strawberries.
  • Serve.

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