Second Blog

I have started a second blog called A Healthier Gourmand, as a place to siphon off my dairy-free, gluten-free recipes!

EDIT: This blog is now inactive due to time constraints


3 thoughts on “Second Blog

  1. That’s a good solution. I have the same issue with my blog. A lot of times, I’m making recipes that my whole family will eat, the ge’s (gluten eaters) as well as myself. If I make a dessert, I don’t make it just for myself because I don’t want to eat the whole thing. The recipes for my family are not necessarily dairy free as well, or meant to be healthy. They’re a once in a while treat. I’m dairy free, but not religious about it. I’m dairy free about 95% of the time. I’m always gluten free all of the time, so some of my recipes do contain dairy. Maybe I’ll do the same thing you’re doing with the second blog.


    1. It’s certainly working well for me. :3 Plus I have more peace of mind knowing that it’s now also easier for people with allergies to check out my blogs. But it really does depend on whether the extra blog will feel like an extra chore or extra fun. :3


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