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Banana Parfait



I have always been a big fan of bananas. I used to eat them on sandwiches with honey as a little girl – or so I’m told. I like them in smoothies and raw. I like them baked or pureed. I like them with cinnamon – I like them with nutmeg. I really like bananas. It’s a funny topic for me though because one of my oldest friends despises them. It was the second solid food he was tried on and his dislike of the humble banana has existed ever since. Unfortunately for him, each time he came over to my house during our high school days I, without thinking, would offer him a banana smoothie or banana with yoghurt or shredded coconut as a snack. I’d say it and then remember his dislike as his nose would curl up in disgust. It’s since become a running gag with us. But luckily this dessert isn’t for him or for anybody else that doesn’t take to the beautiful banana. So without further ado I’d like to introduce my simple Banana Parfait!

Unfortunately I couldn’t make this recipe lactose free. I don’t know whether I have mentioned this in previous posts or not – but I am meant to be living a lactose free life. I’m allergic to lactose and my father is allergic to gluten, so it stands to reason that I should make the push for these types of meals and treats. But at the moment I am actually struggling to find decent lactose free alternatives to foods like greek yoghurt. It seems that while we have finally reached a good level of gluten-free awareness lactose-free awareness remains lower than I’d like. It is certainly better than when I was a girl. Back then the best alternative you could get to regular milk and goat’s milk. It wasn’t the most pleasant things either because it had been treated to make it a long-life milk. Now I can get tasty lactose free milk and lactose free spreads. But the yoghurt could – er – use a little work. I’m also slightly disappointed by the prices of lactose free goods versus regular-milk goods. But I am grateful for the fact that people take this allergy as seriously as they do. Especially since I know other people that suffer with it worse than I do. So I’ll edit this dessert recipe as well when I find a decent alternative to the greek yoghurt. In the meantime it’s at least relatively sugar-free and gluten-free.


Banana Parfait

Serves: 4, Prep: 5 mins


  • 1 1/2 Ripe Bananas
  • 1 cup Greek Style Yoghurt
  • 1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • (Optional: Because of the tart flavour of greek yoghurt you might want to add a tsp of honey or maple syrup, etc.)


  1. Combine the yoghurt, extract and cinnamon.
  2. Create layers of the yoghurt mix and thin slices of banana in sundae glasses.
  3. Serve.

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