Review Corner: Adore Tea, part 2

The last review I did of Adore Tea focused solely on the retail side of the store. But this time I was lucky enough to get invited out to an afternoon tea at the actual tea-shop and I have nothing but good news to report! As I arrived I parked nearby and stepped out to the soft strains of live jazz music, something which – this time, I really enjoyed. The music was gentle and didn’t overpower you when you got closer to the cafe. The singer really had talent, and her voice suited the relaxed atmosphere of the tea-shop. Not to mention that when I came around to the tea-shop the place was overflowing with people. A good sign if you ask me.


As the weather was lovely we had a nice time at our outdoor table, and I immediately ordered a pot of my favourite flavoured tea – white peach. Cafes normally bring you this small pot, one which you don’t often even get that many cups of tea out of. But I was thrilled when I was able to get no less than five full cups of tea out of my pot. Each person who ordered tea also had candles lit beneath them to keep them warm, and the teas were brewed at different temperatures, etc, in accordance with what suited them. The friendly staff who took our orders were also able to explain all the details about the different teas and the different brewing temperatures. It was awesome.


I am a big fan of homewares. I love plates, cups, knives, napkins, pots and pan, etc. However, I am a particular fan of tea sets, so I was very delighted by the nice china and the opportunity to sit facing the windows that were filled with their wares. I was however curious as to why a friend of mine got a slightly different cup, and the waitress explained that different types of tea required different cups due to their (aforementioned) brewing temperatures, etc. I was impressed. It was a fun thing to learn too.


But Adore Tea doesn’t only do tea. Above is the Turkish Apple Shmapple, a cocktail that one of the other girls had been told to try. It’s already been drunk by the time I got to photographing it, but it was presented beautifully and the taste was really nice. In fact all of the drinks were just nice, and presented well.


And of course as we were out at afternoon tea time we couldn’t go far without getting some snacks. As always with cafes, don’t expect to be paying a pittance for your food or drinks. But what I will say is that Adore Tea is one of the few cafes I’ve been to where the prices actually feel worth it because the food was so darn good. I thoroughly enjoyed the scones and the jam. And I was surprised that the scones were a lot less dry than I’m used to. It was yummy.


Above is their Rhubarb and Apple Crumble – a gluten-free dessert that really impressed my friend Annie. I respect Adore Tea for their wider than normal range of gluten-free snacks and sweets, especially as they put in the effort and make these things delicious. I also think their presentation was top-notch when it came to the crumble and the scones, and it didn’t last long on the plate I can tell you. So gluten-allergies are one less thing you have to worry about when you go and visit.


And lastly I can’t go any further without mentioning the poffertjes. A very popular snack now, poffertjes weren’t so well-known when I was a little girl. My friends used to get all excited on sleepovers when mum pulled out the poffertjes iron and started to make some for breakfast. Now most cafes and things make them, but I liked Adore Tea’s almost as much as the ones my mum used to make. Butterscotch sauce was added to this dish along with the icing sugar and the ice-cream, but I don’t think it was a sweet overload. Poffertjes are both sweet and savoury, in a sense, and like the crumble these didn’t last long.

So, to summarise:

Adore Tea in Gold Creek is a sweet cafe that you might pass by – but don’t. It’s prices aren’t unreasonable for a cafe and furthermore the food you get is quality and it comes to you fast even when the place is crowded. Adore tea has great staff that actually do know about their products and greet you with a smile even when things are hectic and they’re busy. And of course you can also purchase the teas they sell as well as some of their tea-related goods like teapots, strainers and mugs right there in the store. It is well worth a visit.

*Photo Of Adore Tea Found Here

Adore Tea

Shop 6, Federation Square One

18 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls

ACT, 2915

PHONE: (02) 6230 9962


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