Review Corner: Tea Infuser


This tea infuser is possibly one of the funnier gifts I have received for christmas, and so I could;t resist putting up a review of it here. It’s a well-loved little thing, and it still makes me giggle. It also makes a good conversation starter when I causally bring it out of the drawer and people start to realise that the body of the tea infuser is shaped like the death star and that there’s a little ship attached to the end of it’s chain. But before I get too giggly over my novelty gift, on to the review.

In terms of size, this little infuser is quite practical. I left the teaspoon beside it so that people could get an idea of it’s size. It fits well inside all of the mugs we have at home, and our mugs are mostly all different sizes and widths. And the chain is quite long too. So that even when the infuser sinks to the bottom of my taller mugs the chain still hangs out and is easy to get a hold of. This makes it more practical than some of the other tea infusers I’ve used, which have to have the water poured through them, etc. I can let the tea sit and infuse for as long as I like in my mug.

The holes in the body allow for decent infusing, much like a mesh strainer, but not perhaps quite as fast. I don’t mind that, however, as by the time the tea has infused to my liking the water is also no longer scorching hot. I know, i know. i should be using the correct temperature of water for this type of tea, but I’m naughty like that. Sometimes I just used freshly boiled water and let it cool. These holes are also still small enough to prevent the tea leaves from escaping and sinking to the bottom of the tea. But at the same time the holes are large enough to allow the water to drain out at a decent sort of speed when you remove the strainer from your cup. The body also comfortably holds up to two and a bit teaspoons of loose tea leaves, which is fine when all you’re doing is using it for one or two people.

So far I am very happy with this tea infuser because it not only does its job, but it’s also very easy to clean and fun to use. If anything I like it more than any other tea infuser I’ve used before because it’s so unique. The tea infuser is also stainless steal and dishwasher safe, so that’s a plus. And after investigating the web I found it was available on a seemingly website called ThinkGeek for 19.99. But that’s american website I think, so it’s worth looking around for whatever seller will work best for you.


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