Review Corner: Kmart’s Homemaker 24 Cupcake Carrier

This cupcake carrier is my go-to for when I have to whip up cupcakes or muffins and take them out of the house. And in the beginning I um-ed and ah-ed over buying it, because I was worried I wouldn’t get much use out of it. In the end the cheap price tag won me over. This little beauty was only $10 at Kmart, compared to the $15-30 price tags for similar carriers I saw at other homewares stores. It was well worth the price. And despite being cheap the quality is that much higher than you would expect.

So, starting with the bottom layer, here is the baking tray.


It’s a twelve-cup baking tray of average size. However, the important part is the quality. This tray is quite sturdy. It has survived being knocked from the drying rack no less than six times since I bought it. It’s been jiggled around in bags and been in and out of the oven dozens of times. It’s survived the coldest parts of the fridge, despite getting attacked by frost. And it’s not showing any signs of nasty wear or tear, like peeling or chips. It can stand upright like you see here, or you can flip it over and clip it into the carrier with the holes facing down.

And here is the second part of the cupcake carrier, the extra stand.


Like the base, this stand can hold up to twelve extra cupcakes or muffins. As you can see there is a fairly decent amount of space between these two layers. I’ve tested this with different kinds of cupcakes, including Bunny/Fairy Cupcakes, and the toppings still were undisturbed. And it doesn’t matter whether the bottom tray is upside-down or not when storing it, because the neat little feet on the upper layer will still slot in to the corners of it nicely.

And finally we have the lid.


I want to emphasise how roomy this carrier really is. The gentle slope down to the sides is also a good design point because it means that the cupcakes on the edges still have as much room as the ones in the centre. Furthermore the handle of the carrier isn’t sharp or uncomfortable in your hand, and it felt quite sturdy each time I filled this carrier up and went out. But I would’t tempt fate and treat the carrier too roughly. That’s just asking for your cupcakes to be tipped all over the floor.

All in all this carrier was a great buy. I would heartily recommend it!

9 thoughts on “Review Corner: Kmart’s Homemaker 24 Cupcake Carrier

  1. These carriers are so handy! I bought one myself (from Kmart!) and there’s honestly no difference between mine and a more expensive brand. Kmart’s one of my go-to stores for decent, well-priced baking goods – Niki x


    1. 😀 I know, right! The things I get from Kmart are never disappointments, especially not this cupcake carrier. I prefer using the tin from this carrier, and I use the plastic stand not only for cupcakes, but also in the fridge when I’m short on space and need to refrigerate some small treats, as it will sit nicely over all my other trays without taking up room :3


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