Review Corner: T2

Since doing a review of Adore Tea, someone pointed out that I should do a review of another big tea company – T2. T2 is certainly a much bigger brand than Adore Tea, as it has about 40 stores across Australia alone. It’s now even crossed over into New Zealand, or so I’m told. T2 branded teas are a big thing here, and I tend to see them in almost all the cafes and such that I go into. But that might have something to do with that fact that this brand has spent the last seventeen or so years really building up steam, putting out a wide range of teas and making itself known.

I will always be a bigger fan of Adore Tea I think, but T2 does have a huge range to choose from. It’s become one of this big brands that even has it’s logo stamped on bags.  And like Adore Tea they also sells both tea and teawares. But let me start with the teas. T2 has a big range of teas, from white, to yellow, green, oolong, black, pu-erh, scented/flavoured, herbal and fruit tisanes, rooibos & honeybush tisanes, organic, and even iced. That last one really makes me happy, because I love a good iced tea. They even have tea for kids.

But with big brands often come big prices. The good thing for T2 is that this is really high quality tea, so for some people the price tag is no problem. Some of these teas don’t come in a wide range of sizes through, which is unfortunate. For example, the white chai only seems to come in a 50g gift cube, which costs $22.00, whereas the camomile comes in a 50g box, (for 12.00) a 120g foil (for 25.50), and a 120g tin (for 29.50). It can seem like a big hit on your purse. But these are good teas and they make good gifts. But better still they make good free samples if you decide to duck into the store and try whatever tea is on offer, tee-hee.

T2 also stocks it’s own brand of tea collectables, as well as tea pots, cups and saucers, jumbo teawares, tea cups, tea glasses, tea mugs and jugs, travel accessories, storage and more. Again, be prepared for big prices. For example, the Casbah C/S mosaic yellow cup is $30.00, and I’m only assuming that the price includes the saucer. However, the kids sized cups are more friendly in price, with their alba the owl teacup being around 12.00. Unfortunately, some of these cups are hand wash only while others are microwave and dishwasher safe, so check the label before you decide to give it a clean. Also, among these wares they do have hug cups, aprons, books, jugs for ice tea, tea cosies, and even milk jugs and sugar bowls. So their range is pretty broad.

Overall, T2 is a pretty impressive brand with some amazing teas under it’s logo. It’s worth a look for you tea aficionados, or for those who simply want presents for a tea lover.

T2 Homepage

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