Review Corner: Adore Tea

This is my first review! I thought it might be fun to introduce my thoughts on other food related subjects, and the first I’ve decided to look at is Adore Tea. And for those of you that don’t know, Adore Tea is both a tea house and a retail outlet, which stocks both an amazing range of teas as well as teapots and accessories. But for this review I will be focusing solely on the retail aspects of Adore Tea, with a brief reference to my favourite of their teas.

So, starting from the top. Adore Tea has a wide range of teas, from black tea, through to green tea, chai, fruit infusions, herbal infusions, oolong and white tea, and certified organic teas. If you go into the retail outlet you’ll find that like most of these types of stores there will be teas there for you to sample. But last time I went I requested to sample other teas and the staff obliged me. I’m not sure, however, whether this will ever happen again or whether it was a regular thing. It was fun though, and it gave me a chance to experience the wide variety of flavours they had in store. My taste buds were not disappointed. Especially not with their white peach tea or their turkish apple. Their white peach remains my favourite, but their turkish apple tea is also a close second.

The prices are pretty good, considering that tea that comes like this is not usually dirt cheap. There’s also a decent amount of choice in terms of the size of the bag of tea you want to buy. I tend to go for the 2-cup samplers, which are about a dollar. But there are also generally 50g, 100g, and 200g packs for each type of tea. Although some might not have all these options. For example, the prices for their Chai are about a dollar for the 2-cup sampler, 6.50 for the 50g pack, 11.50 for the 100g pack, and 19.50 for the 200g pack. For some people this is cheap, for others – not so much. But the prices do vary from tea to tea. For example, their Australian Daintree Black Tea is 14.50 for the 200g pack, whereas the Pai mu Tan is 36.50 for the 200g pack.

I prefer their fruit infusions, to be honest. But my friend Emma, who happens to be an even bigger tea fan than me, sampled from a much wider range and showed more interest in the other flavours. She also liked the white peach tea, which happened to be the tea that I bought. This is perhaps the best peach tea I have ever drunk. It’s delicious when it’s hot and fresh from the pot. And if you’re interested in getting some yourself, then be sure to look up the Adore Tea website and look at getting some delivered.

Next, the accessories. Adore Tea stocks their own Adore Tea range of accessories, including glass tea sets, teacups and even infusers and candles. But they do also sell individual teapots, teacups, thermoses and mugs, as well as tea canister and infusers. They seem to have thought this whole tea business through, strangely enough! I’m a big fan of their tea sets, which include tea for two sets which come together like Babushka dolls, tea for one sets in the shape of the Eiffel tower, and more. However, be on the lookout for prices to match. As the Eiffel tower tea for one set was 69.95 last I checked. Their thermoses and sets of teacups and saucers are also quite nice, as are the infusers and infuser sets and their tea canisters. Their Hannari Canister range is quite good looking, or so I think, and each canister was 12.95 last I checked.

So all in all I think that Adore Tea really has something going for it, even if it can be pricey at times. It’s a wonderful tea seller, and well worth checking out. Especially for gifts for tea loving friends!


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