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Pfeffernüsse (GF)

Hello, hello, hello! I’m so sorry I’m late again to Fiesta Friday but there’s been a lot happening since I last posted! First of all, I started working with a new company last week! It’s all been very exciting. I’ve learned so much already, and I’m loving the challenges of this new role. Not to mention the… Continue reading Pfeffernüsse (GF)

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Haloumi Chips (GF)

Hello, hello, hello! As I promised in my last post, I’m now bringing a nice platter of Haloumi chips to the party this FF. These were a quick, simple, savoury snack I whipped up for a New Years Eve party, on the recommendation of the host, so that a few people who couldn’t do meat… Continue reading Haloumi Chips (GF)

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Moscato Cupcakes (GF) for New Years Eve!

Hello, hello, hello! Happy New Years and Happy Belated Fiesta Friday! I know I’ve been absent for a little longer than normal. But it’s been a bit of a quiet Christmas, and I didn’t end up doing half of the things I was planning on doing. I’ve been taking the opportunity to catch up with… Continue reading Moscato Cupcakes (GF) for New Years Eve!

Biscuits · Fiesta Friday · Gluten-Free

Gingerbread, and Christmas baking (GF)

Hello, hello, hello! I’ve had a gorgeous weekend, full of preparations for some Christmas gifts for friends, which I can do now two of them are back in Aus! I’ve had a lot of fun getting to work with royal icing, trying decorating cookies with it for the first time. But I wasn’t quite satisfied… Continue reading Gingerbread, and Christmas baking (GF)

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Deliciouslynell Meets Royal Icing (GF)

WARNING: As this is an experiments post it is very text heavy. But bear with me, there’s some really useful info in there! Hello, hello, hello! Happy FF! I have been a busy little bee this weekend in preparing for some Christmas baking. I decided after I had so much success with making a test batch… Continue reading Deliciouslynell Meets Royal Icing (GF)

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Orange and Poppy Seed Muffins (GF)

Hello, hello, hello! As part of the baking I was doing last week, I made up a big batch of these orange and poppy seed muffins to take to a roleplay at M’s house. It’d been ages since I last made anything with poppy seeds, and unfortunately the first time I bought some I could only… Continue reading Orange and Poppy Seed Muffins (GF)

Cupcakes and Muffins · Fiesta Friday · Gluten-Free

Bolognese Muffins (GF)

Hello, hello, hello! It’s been a bit hectic as of late, so I had to give Fiesta Friday a bit of a miss last week. I was sad to miss the party, but I needed the time to rest and be at home and get a few things done. It wasn’t until this week I’ve… Continue reading Bolognese Muffins (GF)