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Baked Beans, two versions (GF, DF)

Hello all, It’s with a heavy heart that I come to this Fiesta Friday. My family and I have said goodbye to our beloved cat Rosie. She was with us for 18 years and 8 months, and has been such a big part of our lives for so long. She was beautiful, and will be missed.… Continue reading Baked Beans, two versions (GF, DF)

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Pavlova (GF, Optional DF)

Hello, hello, hello! Unfortunately I’m home sick this Fiesta Friday, so although I had plans to share a recipe for a new savoury snack I just haven’t been well enough to do any cooking. But that made me remember that I had this old recipe kicking around, and that I had plans to share it much… Continue reading Pavlova (GF, Optional DF)

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Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (GF, DF)

Hello all! It’s a bit belated but here I am for Fiesta Friday! It’s been a busy but pleasant week again. I have officially run out of private classes for dancing now and will be sticking to the group classes until I can afford the private ones as well again. But I’m very much looking… Continue reading Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (GF, DF)

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Toad in the Hole (GF, Lactose Free)

Hello, hello, hello! The weather is making a bold attempt at moving towards Spring, but is being held back by intense rain and cold winds. So I thought a little comfort food for breakfast was in order this weekend. I ventured out only once to take a couple of bags of things to the local… Continue reading Toad in the Hole (GF, Lactose Free)

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Cream Puffs V2.0 (GF)

Happy Fiesta Friday! It has come to my attention that while I’ve been experimenting with lots of savouries, all the supplies I had set aside for baking are now in desperate need of being used before they expire. I unfortunately ended up having to throw two or three things out because of being past their… Continue reading Cream Puffs V2.0 (GF)

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Gyoza (GF, DF)

Hello, hello, hello! For this Fiesta Friday I wanted to do something a little different, something I haven’t done before. Which I know I write quite a lot, but I do like doing new things! So when I was browsing through recipes, trying to find some inspiration, I realised that I have never made Gyoza… Continue reading Gyoza (GF, DF)

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Cantuccini (GF, DF)

Hello, hello, hello! This weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind! My parents are out of town and so I’m looking after the house. I’m being rather strict about keeping it all in-line, but I find when I have so much room to spread out, I really spread out. So yesterday while doing a few loads… Continue reading Cantuccini (GF, DF)