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Beef Lasagne (GF, Optional Lactose-Free)

Hello, hello, hello! I had the chance to have a friend over for dinner for the first time in quite a while, so of course I wanted to whip up something delicious. I had a few ideas, but I messaged her to see what she’d like to eat and she suggested pasta! So I thought,… Continue reading Beef Lasagne (GF, Optional Lactose-Free)

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Mongolian Beef (GF, DF)

Hello, hello, hello! I have some exciting news, and some sad news! The first exciting news is that I received a notice saying that my four-year blogiversary had come up this week! It came out of the blue, as I haven’t been following those dates that closely. But it was a delightful reminder that I… Continue reading Mongolian Beef (GF, DF)