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Had to reblog this. This is such fantastic news! I also love the attached recipe. But I am so glad to wake up to this great news this morning!

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The US Supreme Court took a huge step for mankind today, by passing the law that turns same-sex marriage a reality.

Congratulations to everyone that is working hard to reduce, and eliminate, prejudice not only here but worldwide!

Love – in any of its expression – should always be celebrated and supported.

Gummy Lego-Guys

I have been waiting for a while to post this recipe and today sounded like a good opportunity.

You will need:

  • 1/4 cup of corn syrup
  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin
  • 1 box of flavoured gelatin (Cherry, Orange, Pineapple, Lime, Blueberry, Grapes – or any other ;) )
  • Lego-guys molds

What to do:

  • Completely dissolve the corn syrup on the water.
  • Add the unflavored gelatin and the flavoured gelatin and stir thoroughly, letting it rest for 2 minutes.
  • Cook it in medium-low heat for approx. 10 minutes (the time may vary depending on the flavour… I really don’t know…

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Paleo Swiss Roll and A Shout Out (GF, DF)


So, I have a few things to mention in this post. The first is that I want to give a big shout out to a few people in the Canberra Community who did me a huge service. On Wednesday I was involved in a car accident. It ended up not being too serious for me in terms of hurt done, and whatnot. But it was still a huge shock. I was rear-ended at some traffic lights, when I was coming home with my newly serviced bike on the back of the car too, and shunted forward into another car. I was in shock at the time and very shaken up, but a woman who had stopped after seeing the mess came straight over to help me. I didn’t end up getting her name, but she was kind and professional – and knowing first aid she was really able to help me relax and make sure I was all right until the emergency services got there. I have to say a huge kudos to the emergency services as well. The police came and ripped through the crash report, the paramedics were fantastic, and when I went to hospital everyone there was so good to me despite how inundated the hospital was with patients requiring urgent care that night. So a huge thank you to all the people involved who helped me through. We’re now waiting to see if the car is going to be written off – due to the sheer damage done to it, and whether I can claim insurance on my bike.

But before all that mess I had the chance to whip up a delicious swiss roll recipe from the gorgeous cookbook: My Paleo Patisserie. I am very quickly falling in love with this cookbook, and not only because it is so allergy friendly and has so many recipes, but also because of the step by step photographs for some of the more complex recipes. This swiss roll recipe also has step by step photographs, which can be very handy for people like me who like to see how it’s done first. Now, I also made this using hazelnut meal as I didn’t have enough almond meal. I would suggest that if your hazelnut meal isn’t very fine that you blend it and grind it up a bit first, as doing that really helps the batter fluff up and also makes the sponge a lot lighter. I will also say that if you can’t use ghee or shortening, I have used nuttelex in this recipe and it worked out really well too. So feel free to experiment! Also if you don’t use maple sugar be aware that the sponge might not be as sweet.

But I will mention that this cake can be quite time consuming, especially if you do want to make sure that all the ingredients and fillers are paleo and allergy friendly. You will either need to outsource some paleo jam and dairy free whipped creams, or will need to make them. I stuck to a coconut whipped cream recipe from the cookbook but I know a lot of people use some sort of cashew cream filler. I have never had a chance to test it so I didn’t want to post it here. I have, however, put the recipes for some of the recommended fillers from the cookbook in this post as well, especially as I know that a lot of people – like me, don’t have easy access to a lot of allergy friendly grocery stores. But although this cake can be quite a lengthy process the results are lovely, and it means it’s an allergy friendly treat for all! You can also use this some sponge cake recipe for sponge cakes like Opera Cakes, which require thin layers of sponge that are then stacked, etc. You can also use the filler recipes for other things as well, so hopefully these will all work out well for everyone and come in handy! But I thought, given that it is my birthday today it’s quite fitting to have an extravagant project to work on!

Happy FF!

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Tongue and Groove and Koko Black

For this Fiesta Friday I did something a little different, I met up with some work colleagues – and one of their cousin’s, and we went out for a very late dinner. It was off to a rocky start at first because we had been unable to get a booking at the original restaurant we wanted to eat at, and then we had to do some roaming in the cold night air looking for a place that would sit five. In the end we hit upon a place called Tongue and Groove, which was quite nice. Sandra and her cousin didn’t mind doing a little modelling for me, as seen below. You should all definitely visit Sandra’s modelling site, she’s just stunning!


The service was not so bad, and the prices reasonable. Unfortunately there were extremely limited gluten free options, especially as I could see Tongue and Groove was more set up to be a bar.


So I had to make do with something that would be less upsetting for the ole stomach than a lot of the other options. However, I was impressed that the chips were gluten free, as it’s normally the one thing on a menu that no one can ever do gluten free! The food also came quite quickly, and for the mains the portion sizes were quite generous. I had some of the twice cooked pork belly, which while not being gluten free was in fact dairy free, and I also ordered some chips.


My lovely colleague Trixie Bombshell, ordered the nachos.


I didn’t get a chance to see what the others ordered, or how it was plated up, because we were all too hungry to wait! But come the end of the meal we were all quite full, and only just in the mood for dessert.


We went along to another cafe called Koko Black, which is famous for it’s chocolate obsession and all the chocolates it sells inside the cafe as well. I have never been inside there, so it was all new to me and quite stunning. And after a short wait outside we were able to squeeze into a table inside in the warmth and place our orders.


What I loved was the detail about allergens in their menu, they had markings to note what did or didn’t have alcohol, nuts, gluten, etc. I ordered a Caramel Delice, which was free of nuts, gluten and alcohol, whereas Trixie ordered the Belgian chocolate mousse, Skye ordered the vanilla bean ice cream with caramel sauce, Sandra ordered a hot chocolate affogato and her cousin ordered a cappuccino as she was so full to bursting she couldn’t cope with much more.


It was a night of firsts! Sandra often gets hot chocolate with ice cream on the side, and this was the first time she had ever heard about hot chocolate affogatto.


So we was thrilled. I loved mine, but it was so rich that I couldn’t make it through the whole dish. Trixie’s was gorgeous and had that rich, bitter taste of dark chocolate that just makes the dish, and Skye’s vanilla bean ice cream was divine.


I had hoped to get some dark chocolate to take home at the end of the meal, but after having gorged so outrageously on such divine sweets I couldn’t even bear to look at their large selection of dark chocolates let alone consider purchasing some to take home!


I then came home, collapsed, and had a very decent sleep! Happy FF!


Tongue and Groove

Corner of Genge and Bunda street, Civic.

ACT, 2601

Email: info@tandg.com.au

Phone: (02) 6230 4455

Koko Black

Shop FG02, Canberra Centre, Bunda St

ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6230 4040

Carrot Cake (GF)


It’s been a hectic weekend and this afternoon in particular was quite stressful. Our old cat had to be taken to the vet because we noticed her urine was pinkish and she had thrown up and been quite upset overnight. But much to our relief her tests came back with nothing but positive results. She has a bit of an infection that she received a shot of antibiotics for – so that there would be no need to stress her with attempting to convince her to eat tablets or liquid as she is an impossible cat when it comes to medicine. We also learned from her blood tests that she had no signs of renal failure and was in good health for a cat her age. She was a good weight and with a bit of a change of diet she would continue to remain in good health.

What was even better was that this vet would give us a prescription for some medicine to help with the bit of arthritis Rosie has. But given she was in such good health and continues to roam around the house to the warmest spots there was no need for us to be too worried. I have never been so relieved. Our old girl will live for a while still and she gets to keep eating the kibble she likes as the vet approved of letting her eat it – and also approved of us tempting her with bits of chicken and meat at dinner as it would help stimulate her appetite. Our cat is quite anxious and hates eating when other people can see her. But she loves chicken and sometimes waits around the wall beside our kitchen at dinnertime in case there’s something there for her. I call it her pension.

According to the vet it’s also quite common for cats like Rosie who drink so much to get bladder infections. So we know what to look out for now and having leapt on it so soon Rosie should recover soon and be back to waking us all up in the middle of the night because she wants a cuddle. Provided she forgives us for taking her to the vet first!

Mum and I collapsed when we got home. But after a bit of a rest I whipped up the cream cheese icing for a carrot cake I had been working on and we all had a slice and a cup of tea. It was the perfect classic treat to calm us all down after such a tense afternoon. I have seen neither hide nor hair of our old cat. But something tells me after she gets her brush in the morning she might have forgiven us a little bit!

Happy Fiesta Friday!


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Hazelnut Praline Truffles (GF)


I decided on something small but also decadent for this Fiesta Friday. I was scouting fresh recipes on the internet as nothing from the cookbooks I had on hand truly grabbed my attention and kept it. I stumbled across this particular recipe and at once knew I had to try it, not the least of which because I have bought a cheap little food processor and wanted to give it a go. The base for this recipe requires hazelnuts to be ground, then pulsed with icing sugar and chocolate to form a paste, into which is pressed a whole hazelnut, and then the whole lot is dipped in chocolate. The cold weather gave us some troubles when it came to attempting to get the chocolate for this recipe to a ‘room temperature’ that was also above rock solid and freezing, and the poor motor in the food processor overheated attempting to grind it. But after some gentle bouts in the microwave all was well!

One thing I will mention is that these truffles are very rich. I thought I was making mine quite small, especially when I ended up with quite a lot more than the original recipe suggested. I would recommend making them even smaller than I did, only just big enough to wrap around a whole hazelnut and then a bit more. Otherwise I found you were getting a few bites of a very rich, chocolate treat, which can be quite overwhelming after awhile. But overall these truffles are delicious. I would even recommend this as something to do with kids as it involves lots of rolling balls of mixture, and lots of mucking about with chocolate.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this recipe!

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Creative Blogger Award and Paleo Lemon Meringue Pie


For this Fiesta Friday I wanted to do something a little different. I didn’t manage to get a photo of this recipe due to time constraints, but it was such an amazing one that I had to post it regardless! As I was puzzling over what to do, the wonderful Gluten Free Jess nominated me for the creative blogger award! I decided that the best thing to do would be to add the recipe to the award post, so that I could both thank Jess and share this delicious recipe! So thanks Jess! I’m extremely flattered, especially since I adore her blog and her versatile recipes. I love how she always makes food seem delicious and she always has a very upbeat way of writing that makes her posts a pleasure to read. So this award comes with some rules:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate other bloggers and let them know about their nomination.

And the seven things about me are:

  1. I am on a fitness kick at the moment, as I feel I have become too sedentary and need to push myself more before it becomes a bad habit.
  2. I have almost entirely lost my sweet tooth and now prefer bitter or savoury treats to sweet ones.
  3. I like to hide vegetables I wouldn’t normally eat in my breakfast smoothies.
  4. I own a very old cat, but I love all sorts of animals and would have far too many of them if I could afford it.
  5. I am saving for a deposit on a house.
  6. I used to be an English tutor, but when I blog or write online I never write formally. Although I find it very hard not to write formally when writing with pen and paper!
  7. I am currently re-reading some old books from when I was younger, and discovering how much darker a lot of them were than I realised at the time!

Now for the nominations! Spoon Good Illustrated Bites Reijo’s Food 10 Dag Liebe But wait – there’s more! As promised in the introduction I’m not coming to this week’s Fiesta empty handed. I’m bringing a rather amazing treat which I sort of slaved over last weekend – a paleo lemon meringue pie. Now a lot of people must be reading that and scratching their heads wondering how I could possibly make a lemon meringue pie into something paleo when at least one of the basic components required refined sugars. Well the answer comes in the form of  Paleo Patisserie, a gorgeous and somewhat extravagant cookbook aimed at bringing classic patisserie treats like tarts, pies, cakes and biscuits back into the paleo sphere. Even I was rather hesitant when I first heard about this book, as I wondered how a lot of these treats would turn out and whether I was going to get a poor imitation or not. I should never have worried. Paleo Patisserie nailed it when it came to this recipe and makes me wonder how I could ever have been so unsure! I used the shortbread tart crust, the lemon curd filling, and then used the remaining egg whites to whip up a batch of the swiss meringue to top the lemon meringue pie with. It was all straight forward and wowed the people I took it to. It’s definitely going to come in handy, as each of the main components of this treat can be used in other recipes! Read More »

Chocolate Cupcakes with Simple Chocolate Buttercream (GF)


I have to admit that there are few recipes I love so much I would call them go-to recipes. But these cupcakes are in that group. I made them once at the last minute to take to a friend’s house, and since then have fallen in love with their simple to cook nature and how soft and fluffy and rich with chocolate flavour these cupcakes are. Out of all the recipes I have tried from the Every Day Art of Gluten-Free these cupcakes have also required the least alteration. I am still working on the original chocolate glaze as I found the original recipe wasn’t thick enough for me, and didn’t set how I liked. But in the meantime I have had a lot of fun whipping up a batch or two of these cupcakes. You would think from how rich the chocolate flavour is that I used actual chocolate in them, but no! Something about the secret ingredient keeps these cupcakes moist and helps bring out their strong flavour potential. You might be surprised to find out that the secret ingredient is none other than mayonnaise!

Putting mayonnaise in cakes might seem unusual, as people are often quite shocked when I tell them that mayonnaise is what makes these cakes so moist. But it works. It really does work. I love these cupcakes because they are so moist, so fluffy and that they are very versatile. The original recipe used the batter to make a double layer, super delicious, double chocolate cake. But I prefer to make these into cupcakes and have even given making the famous Hostess Cupcakes a go. These cakes do very well with a little bit of cream piped into them, as it helps break up the intense chocolate flavour. However, I also discovered last night that other people aren’t quite as weak to sweets or chocolate as me and were all too eager to slather on the chocolate frosting and chow down!

So for a simple, but delicious treat for this Fiesta Friday, I present these chocolate cupcakes!

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